What Is This?

NoFB.PW is a Web Based Proxy Viewer for Public Facebook Posts. It visits Facebook so that you don't have to. It will not display private or friends-only type posts.

By visting the Facebook page for you, NoFB.PW protects your browser from all Facebook tracking code.

How Do I Use It?

Simply paste a Facebook URL that points to a public post or note into the text box at the top of this page and click Get Page. To see live examples, click here, or here.

How private is this?

Very. There are no cookies set on this page, and there are no tracking scripts (or any javascript!) on this page. The only logs that are kept are normal Apache server logs, and I don't look at those unless something breaks.

Can I write an extension for Chrome/Firefox/Edge/etc. for this?

Yes please do! If you let me know about it, I'll add a link to this help page.



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