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Short error: To meet our photo quality requirements and improve the chances of your item selling, upload a photo that has no added border. Message: You cannot create a UI script session for a UI script which is not published. Long error: Seller Profiles will soon be mandatory while creating a new listing.

Long error: Minimum remnant set value will be adjusted to quantity value when minimum remnant set value is greater than quantity value. ULTIDs are not required to report ULTIDs to CAT as they will have no such number to report. Short error: Invalid media details.

Through these parameters, you can customize the look and feel of a chart, pass data to the chart, configure its dimensions and bind to events. Receivers use ordinary DNS queries, which are typically cached to enhance performance.

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Message: You cannot change the Windows Live ID for the Internet Marketing Partner user. Long error: The immediate payment option needs to be enabled to list digital delivery goods. Please fix the rule.

This chapter also provided steps on how to hide the keyboard when either the keyboard Return key or the background view are touched by the user. ID, created in Xcode as bundle identifier, exactly the same way it was entered in Xcode.

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Guide available to Participants, it shall be under no obligation to do so nor, having once or more done so, shall FICC have a continuing obligation to make available this Guide or other related information of a certain type.

This is a habit I, too, must break, but in a class definition, the public member functions and public member variables should come first, as this is what any reader would be primarily interested in when looking at a class.

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There is no expectation that RESTful systems will need to offer messaging support, or vice versa, though systems may find it useful to support both sets of functionality in order to satisfy a wider range of implementers.

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Long error: You are required to enter a valid tracking number to send Shipment notes. Either the data does not exist or you do not have sufficient privileges to view the data. Notice the optional data in the ping.

AIS bimonthly products released in February, April, June, August, October, and December. Message: This attribute cannot be deleted because it is used in one or more workflows. Item level discount prices are ignored. Enter a unique name.

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Industry Members need not submit an Order Modification Event to reflect a change in share quantity due to market fluctuations during the life of the order.

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UI is user interface.

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